Do you want to inhabit your body more comfortably?  Committing to a KMI SB 3-Series or SI 12-Series is accepting the invitation to empowered change.  Contact Frances today, and step into your new self.
     Structural Integration explores bodywork from a different point of view than traditional massage.  SI treats a client wholistically, working from the concept that, due to our embryological development, our muscles and bones and organs float in our own personal sea of connective tissue; that tension created or lost in one area of the body resonates throughout the entire system.  If left unaddressed, old injuries, postural habits, and emotional patterns can create imbalances and challenges through the whole of one's self.

     The KMI SB 3-Series can stand alone as a viable treatment plan unto itself, or pave the way into an entire 12-Series.  The 3-Series opens up the body's more superficial sleeves of connective tissue, helping to free the client from gravity's weighty strain:  a solid foundation is introduced; the front, back, and sides are released, and the breath unfettered.

     KMI SI is a series of twelve consecutive bodywork sessions, helping you to inhabit your body with more harmony, and to live in gravity with more expansional balance.  Practitioner and client work together through touch and movement to help create new postural possibilities and more three-dimensional mobility.  The first eight sessions help to systematically differentiate the parts and planes of the body, working from superficial to deep core, offering more functionally mobile parts that are then reintegrated during the last four sessions into a more dynamic whole.
     Gravity is the force that binds everything together, and not simply a force to which we are subjected.  We participate in it by movement, and movement is our adaptation.  Dr. Ida Rolf conceived our adaptation as a two-layer system in which our inner layer, our core, relates to gravity, and our outer layer, the sleeve, as that which engages in voluntary action.     
     An integrated core expands in response to gravity, interacting with and shining through one's structurally free superficial sleeve layer to unfold in a palintonic three-dimensional balance, in a unified relation to gravity.  When we move expansionally, from the core through balanced joints and limbs, gravity becomes an energy source, as opposed to a modern day Sisyphean load. 
     The body is designed to live in balanced movement, with depth and breadth and verticality.  Structural Integration is a process to reconnect with this three-dimensional awareness.  Pervasive fear is contraction, and where portions of the body have contracted, they have been withdrawn from awareness.  Structural Integration teaches the outside to again coexist in a harmonious balance with the inside, so one's unified whole can abide in the present moment.  Touch is used to know and understand, and understanding allows awareness.  Awareness brings change.  You, the client, participate fully in the knowing, the understanding, the awareness:  the change is yours.
     KMI SI isn't massage:  while the intent of massage might be to relax the whole body, working on muscles, hydrating the skin with lotion, SI works on the sheets and planes of connective tissue, a more elemental constituent of the body.  SI can be relaxing, however the intent is more broad-spectrum.  KMI SI frees the participant from any co-dependent relationship between healer and healed.  KMI SI gives the client the opportunity to step into their own power to find their own new path. 
KMI Structural Integration sessions are around 90 minutes and $130 each

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